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Purchase Order Financing

Do you have Purchase Orders from credit-worthy customers, but lack the funds to pay for the goods to fill those orders? Is your bank unwilling to fund inventory in transit?

This unique credit accommodation, also known as trade finance, allows you to purchase inventory without drawing on your bank line of credit.

The Franklin Capital Purchase Order Finance Program provides Letters of Credit to foreign and domestic manufacturers for the cost of pre-sold inventory.

Reduce your risk in the face of growing globalization.

Franklin Capital’s management team structures its Purchase Order Finance Program to help overcome the legal and financial barriers associated with international trade.

Franklin Capital expedites the issuance of Letters of Credit that most foreign manufacturers (and some domestic manufacturers) require before beginning production. Prior to shipment, Franklin Capital arranges for the inspection of goods anywhere in the world. This service ensures product quality and full compliance with your customer’s Purchase Order.

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“We were left in the lurch by our last financing company when they cancelled our $300,000 with little notice. Franklin has a consistent source of capital that is properly managed which makes us feel secure when we didn’t before.”

President, Illinois-based Logistic Company