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Learn how Franklin Capital can help you achieve your goals with a broad range of asset-based services, including Accounts Receivable, Equipment, Inventory and Purchase Order financing.

The following is a list of our staff members and their direct contact information:

Kylie Dore
VP of Documentation
P: 847.861.1118
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Sue Duckett
Executive Vice President
P: 847.861.1128
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Gary Edidin
CEO and Chairman
P: 847.861.1112
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Jen Eisan
AVP of Documentation
P: 847.861.1114
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Matt Fink
Executive Vice President
P: 847.861.1120
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Norm Friedman
P: 847.861.1111
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Jill Kirshenbaum
SVP of Sales
P: (847) 926-0220
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Kristy Krejci
Account Executive
P: 847.861.1117
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Andrew “AJ” Krzyzanowski
Trade Finance Manager
P: 847.861.1126
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Marci Moss
Secretary/Treasurer/Human Resources Manager
P: 847.861.1119
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Tom Obney
Senior Underwriter and Credit Analyst
P: 847.861.1123
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Gloria Rodriguez
Account Executive
P: 847.861.1113
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Cookie Winner
Office Manager and Account Executive
P: 847.861.1110
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