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Benefits of Franklin Advantage Program

Franklin Advantage offers compelling benefits to community bank partners, including:

  • A turn-key C&I product with limited competition and high barriers to entry
  • Access to a significantly undeserved market, where demand for C&I financing is high
  • Highly controlled credit risk resulting from specialized human resource acumen, proven procedures and superior MIS capabilities that conform to and often exceed bank regulatory guidelines
  • High quality C&I assets, with above market yields
    • The considerable challenges presented by the current market and regulatory environment require community banks to consider new approaches to commercial lending in order to remain competitive. Franklin Advantage addresses these challenges and enables our community bank partners to grow C&I financing revenue and profits, while simultaneously enhancing credit quality.

“Partnering with Franklin has enabled us to grow because it’s a cash backup for our business. We can now produce our products because we know that we have the cash flow to pay for the goods.”

President, California-based Game Board Distributor