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“What I like most about Franklin Capital is the one-on-one, personal relationship and communication that I have with the account manager. Everyone works as a team and takes the time to understand our needs. If only I’d known about Franklin before, it would have helped me grow my business faster as cash flow would have been better managed.”
President, California-based machine parts manufacturer

“Franklin Capital’s Management Team knows a lot more about business than normal bankers. They allowed us to stay alive.”
President, Illinois-based craft goods manager

“Unlike other factoring companies, Franklin was completely upfront. They explained the whole process to us and listened to our concerns. We were able to access the cash from our receivables and revitalize the business.”
President, Illinois-based staffing company

“This year our business will be up 40% because of Franklin. We work as a team to protect my business, my interests and my money. Franklin has given us the time to concentrate on what we do best.”
President, Chicago-based apparel design company

“I would work with Franklin again without question. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”
President, California-based print brokerage firm

“Our previous factoring company was making life impossible by squeezing everything they could out of us. On the other hand, Franklin took the time to understand our needs as soon as we started working with them.  They honor their commitments with clients.”
President, California-based textile manufacturer

“The relationship with Franklin allows me to focus on my business. They are straight shooters and when they say they’re going to do something they do it.”
Fashion Designer and Distributor. Southern California


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“We’re still trying to get our head above water and still struggling to get to a place where we can survive on our own. Franklin Capital helps us get through the peaks and valleys with their receivable financing.”

President, Illinois-based Machinery Manufacturer