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Guide to Factoring


Factoring is a form of working capital finance whereby clients sell their Accounts Receivable for an agreed term and recieve immediate cash availability. Factoring provides the following advantages:


  • Immediate cash advances of 80-90% of the invoice amount, with the balance being paid to you when your customer pays us.

Accounts Receivable Processing

  • Franklin does all your accounts receivable processing from the time you issue an invoice to collection. We provide you with a report every time a customer pays an invoice, as well as an aged analysis report of all your customers’ accounts. Real time updates are available online 24/7.

Credit Administration

  • We investigate your customer’s creditworthiness and provide you with credit advice.


  • Our experienced account managers will at all times interact with your customers politely, tactfully and respectfully.


  • Factoring is the sale of invoices at a discount to a factor for immediate cash.
  • The invoices are due to be paid at future dates certain.
  • The factor purchases the invoice when the invoice is issued and then receives payment directly from your customers.


“Partnering with Franklin has enabled us to grow because it’s a cash backup for our business. We can now produce our products because we know that we have the cash flow to pay for the goods.”

President, California-based Game Board Distributor