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C&I Workout Consulting

Franklin Capital was founded by financial executives specializing in the turn-around of troubled businesses and banks. Its administrative procedures conform to and often exceed Federal bank regulatory guidelines. Franklin Capital’s human resource and technological capabilities provide proven solutions to the resolution of non-performing A/R, inventory and machinery & equipment loans.

  • Monitoring and administration: State-of-the-art MIS track A/R by invoice in real time. Veteran back room staff directly verify client invoices and closely monitor the integrity of clients’ A/R portfolios and proprietary analytics monitor inventory by SKU. Field audits and financial statement analytics augment insight and control
  • Restructuring and liquidation: “Factoring” structures provide enhanced information, insight and control while facilitating liquidation of all assets, especially A/R, which are no longer within the client’s estate
  • Takeout financing: Because of enhanced monitoring and control of collateral, Franklin Capital is prepared to refinance certain bank client C&I loans either in their entirety or through an A/B structure



“We’re still trying to get our head above water and still struggling to get to a place where we can survive on our own. Franklin Capital helps us get through the peaks and valleys with their receivable financing.”

President, Illinois-based Machinery Manufacturer